Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Squeeze The Pandas!

It's Hug A Panda Day!Go out there and enjoy squeezing those bears.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Super Awsome Nail Time!

Hello friends,
So....I was searching pictures of Domo and I came across a picture of someone's finger nails painted as Domo.They were really cute so I thought I would give it a try.They turned out pretty good but I haven't painted any cool designs on my nails in a long time so they didn't turn out as good as I wanted them. My favorite thing to paint is neon rainbows.I also like painting checkers and seasonal pictures on my nails. I just recently bought some silver and black crackle polish.The crackle polish looks really neat and it's easy. I also just bought some glow-in-the-dark polish at a craft store because I had to go there to buy some paint for a painting I will probably blog about later. I put some of it on my toes last night but I couldn't really tell if it worked or not. I think I needed to expose it to the light longer.Although I did shine a black light on it and it started glowing. Im going to make it a goal to do something fun on my nails every week because I love to do it and the more I practice the better I get. It brings out the artist in me. Now all I have to do is think of some designs. I have been thinking about doing the British flag for awhile now.-Lexus

Friday, August 26, 2011

I Feel Like Such A Rebel

So yesterday I spent the night at a friends house because one of our friends from college wanted to hang out before she left. I felt like a rebel because it was a school night and we were doing adventurous activities. At first it just started out with my college buddy and I trying to kill time while we were waiting for our other friend to get off work. So we decided to walk to her house,steal her brothers bike for me to use and go to Dollar General to buy streamers and balloons to decorate her room with. While we were there I saw these window markers and I thought they were awsome so I wanted to get them. My friend then came up with the brilliant idea to go ride our bikes over to the hospital that she works at and then "vandalize" her car. So thats exactly what we did. It was kinda funny because a resident in a wheel chair and another lady were sitting outside watching us. After that we rode over to her house and then put up streamers and balloons all over her room. We wanted to suprise her so we went out onto her roof to watch for her car but instead her dad came home before her so we had to hide on the roof until he went inside. It was hard to be sneaky because you can hear when people are on the roof sometimes and I was wearing a noisy necklace. Luckily we got in with only her brother knowing we were up there. It seemed like forever before she was going to come home so we went down stairs to watch for her decorated car. Eventualy we went to go hide in her room. Unfortunately I ruined the suprise because some random person honked their car at the people down the street so I sat up to look out the window to see and while I was looking out the window she came in behind me and scared me! Later we ate at Subway then we sat at the park in the dark across the street from her house. While we were sitting there a car of 3 guys park and just sit in their car listening and watching us act like nerds. Westarted to get worried though because they tried talking to us and eventualy got out of their car so as soon as we saw that we walked to the other side of the park. We were over there for awhile until someone got hurt and we left. Afterwards we all of a sudden out of the blue got the idea to go take a really super long walk that was from 9:00pm-12:00am. We walked through a bike path surrounded by woods where we took pictures and stargazed. It was away from town a little so you could see the stars super well and i got to see my first shooting star which was awsome. We walked endlessly through neighborhoods and through a cemetary. We would have stayed longer but my friends bladder was about to expode on us. It was super fun and painful but very much worth it. So then my college friend left and at around 1:30am me and my other friend fell asleep while watching Invader Zim. -Lexus

Monday, August 22, 2011

Smarter Overnight

Hey there panda bears,
So the most exciting thing thats happened since I last wrote was that I got my hair dyed red. I have been a blonde all my life so I was super excited for the change.I was thinking about it for awhile but never got it done.It was kinda suprising because I would always mention it to my mother but she would just brush it off like I never really said anything until this weekend when I randomly mentioned it. I never thought I would actually get it done. I have been getting compliments from alot of people so apparently it was a good choice but even if no one liked it I don't think that would put a damper on my happiness.I feel like I'm Jean Grey from X-Men or Hailey Williams from Paramore. My grandpa now calls me Flame and my uncle Chris called me the Human Torch. I will probably keep it for awhile. I think it fits my personality. My grandma had a harder time parting with my hair than I did. Luckily for her if you look closely my mom missed a little bit of it so I still have some blonde. The only downside is that some of the things I wear no longer go with my hair. Maybe it's a good excuse to go shopping. -Lexus

Friday, August 19, 2011

Edward Scissorhands Pen Sketch

Well im quite proud of this one since i did it all in pen.Yay!
Sorry that it's sideways i couldnt figure out how to get it to rotate.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Summer Of 2011

Hi again,
Well my summer is coming to a close so now I guess its time to reminisce on the past 3 months. To start off my summer i got to go to the most amazing camp in the world!My youth group got together to go to RUSH week at Camp Chataqua in Ohio. Its always a moving experience to be around so many kids where you get to sit through services by Aaron Cavin that you can really apply to your life and get to worship with the Heartsong band that leads us. We get to compete in volleyball tournaments,meet new friends,go swimming,get close with the friends we already have,compete in the insane Ninja vs. Pirates games,and get to be right up close and personal with the lead singer of Remedy Drive.Its always a challenge to stay set on fire for God after leaving a whole week of constanly being excited to praise him,listen to his word,and praying to him.This year wasn't as thrilling as my first year in some aspects but I still loved it and its been the highlight of my summer both years Iv'e gone. I've also gotten to help out with Vacation Bible School at my church which was realy nice because I got to connect with people I never really went out of my way to talk to.I got to tak a trip to Chicago to see my cousin compete in a pagent so she could possibly win scholarship money. Unfortunantly we sat there for 3 hours and she was only 2 point away from winning!Towards the end of the summer I got to hang with my friend and her family and we went to see a demolition derby where one of the cars actually caught on fire!I also got my first XBOX360 that I was so excited for!So thats some of my exciting summer experience.I hope next year is even better.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A Litttle Bit About Myself

Hey Guys,
I'm doing this blog for a class I am taking and I thought to start off i would post some things about myself. I go by my nickname Lexus or Exalis. I am a born again believer who enjoys typical things such as watching television, playing videogames, listening to music, hanging out with my buddies and being a weirdo. I have a fascination with british and japanese things like Doctor Who and pandas. My favorite color is rainbow....yes rainbow. I enjoy wearing awsome hats.I also have Astgmatism in one eye which was something I am sure everyone was dying to know about. I get easily distracted,I love super heros, I love cloud gazing, I hope to someday learn to skateboard, and I am an artist. I draw cartoons most of the time and they are usally people too. I like to paint sometimes but a sketchbook or anything to be artistic with is always handy. I hope to be able to use my God given talent in a career in the future. Lately I've been thinking about brushing up on my skills somehow. I haven't been drawing nearly as much as i have done in the past. Its a little difficult to get inspired and create something I'm really proud of. Im sure I'll think of something.