Thursday, April 26, 2012

How Lazy Can You Be?

I'm a pretty lazy person. On the other hand I also like to work hard at things that matter to me. I was having a conversation with someone about video games. Typically lazy people do this activity because I doesn't require manual labor. I am so lazy sometimes I don't play the video games I have because I don't want to use my brain to figure out the game. My uncle was kind enough to buy me Modern Warfare 3 for my birthday but I haven't played it for more than 30 minutes since I got it which was at least 3days ago. When I want to relax I usually watch TV or sleep. After a long day at school all I ever want to do is either sleep or watch TV shows that I have seen a million times. I have know idea why I would prefer that but I do.I guess since I use my brain all day at school TV would be the perfect thing to do since TV doesn't require much brain activity. I have heard that watching TV makes you less intelligent.I don't know if that's true or not but I can see how that could happen. I suppose there are much better things to do like reading or socializing with friends. Of course you can't do that all the time though.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Revolve Tour

So last weekend I went with the girls in my youth group to Omaha,Nebraska. The event  was called the Revolve Tour.The Revolve Tour is an event held for teen girls. It has awesome worship service, singers,and speakers. The theme of this year was Dream On. This theme of course mean to live your dreams and reach for your goal. It also made the point that God has a plan for your life and anything is possible through him. So for me personally I would like to thrive as an artist and make a living with my talent.On the other side I  have to keep in mind that God has a plan for me and it may not be want I want or expect. There was also a speaker named Chad Eastham who was so hilarious! He mainly talked about boys, relationships, and all that other stuff that teenage girls love to hear about. I even bought a couple books by him because his advice was really great.Also there was an illusionist called Harris III who came to perform.His main point about his presentation is to not let your senses fool you.He even got up on stage and escaped from a straight jacket (which for all who don't know requires you to dislocate your shoulder to get out).It was very inspiring and helped me out so I hope I get the chance to go again.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


So I had my friend say a random word so I could try to test my blogging abilities and just write a whole post about one random word. I think the banana is one of the most hated fruits there is. Other fruits I think would be the grapefruit and prune. I don't even know if a prune is a fruit but I think I'll just go with it anyways. Grapefruits are terrible! I don't understand how people can just pick one up,slice it in half, and eat it. I know putting sugar on it is something you can do to make it taste better. However, I tried this and it did not taste good at all! Why in the world does the grapefruit exist it? Although, I think you make pink lemonade with grapefruits and that tastes good. Also what made people think of naming it the grapefruit? It does not resemble a grape in anyway. Okay, so I actually made a blog out of one word. The word should have been grapefruits.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Golden Birthday

So tomorrow will be my 17th birthday! Since my birthday is on the 17th and I'm turning 17 it is called my "Golden Birthday" which is cool. I got some neat stuff. I got an awesome Doctor Who Poster from my mom. It says,"Things I Learned From Watching Doctor Who." It has things on it like "Don't blink"and"The adipose diet is not a great idea." I also got a neat Huger Games Bag. It's really nice and handy to carry around. I got Xbox Live for three months which is nice to have cause I never know when it's going to run out on me. I got an Adventure Time poster that smells like candy. The last thing I got from my family that I especially like was the metal picture carousel that I asked for. My friend got me a Devil Wears Prada shirt and bracelet that I have been wanting for awhile.She also came to me with a Acid Rain flavored Bubble Tea which was nice. There were things off the internet that I wanted but didn't get so maybe in the future when I ave money I will be able to finally get my hands on some Owl City and LiveLavaLive merchandise.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Sticky Tack and Posters

So I just had a thought about how the sticky tack I use doesn't do a very good job of holding up my posters. I have a ton of posters! I don't like looking at white walls so I try to cover them up as best as I can. There is a problem however when the things you put up keep coming off your walls. A few weeks ago I got really hot and the sticky tack on my walls started to melt. I was peacefully sleeping when all of a sudden Johnny Depp falls on me. Then everything after that starts to fall. Currently I have a huge space on my wall. I took down this huge poster that was really cool yet really irritating cause it wasn't stuck all the way to my wall and it was just in the way. So now I have have to acquire more pictures to fill the empty void on my wall. I want to get pictures of my friends but I never really think about taking pictures. I have been wanting to get the "don't stay in bed"poster. I think that would be a good poster since I wold love to stay in bed all day. Hopefully it would motivate me to get out.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


     I can't imagine eating "rabbit food" all the time for the rest of my existence. I knew this girl that I used to go to school with and she was a vegetarian. The reason why was because she just thought meat in general was gross. I can understand that. A couple years ago my friends decided to make a New Year's resolution to start being vegetarian. I don't actually know why they decided they wanted to do this but I definateley didn't join them. It was of course a failure for both of them. My one friend named Catie dind't even last a day which wasn't a suprise for me. She ended up eating lasagna on the first day. My other friend Kayleen actually was doing really well I don't remember quite how long she lasted but it was at least a couple weeks. Apparently vegetarian food is really expensive so she just stopped. I think that people that are vegetarians because it's wrong to eat animals are doing it for the wrong reasons. God gave us animals to eat. Genesis 9:3 says."Every moving thing that liveth shall be meat for you; even as the green herb have I given you all things."
Can vegetarians eat animal crackers?

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Cleaning Wizard

I just came back from cleaning my grandma's apartment.It did not feel like I spent 2 hours there!I spent most my time on her shower because there was a lot of buildup that she couldn't get to come off but since I'm stronger I could.It really wasn't a problem though I was happy to be able to do it for her. She kept saying that I didn't have to work so hard. When I do something ex specially for someone else I want to do it to the best of my ability. Cleaning my own house is another story. I clean my house every week so I get quite bored of it.I don't feel like working as hard because I don't feel like I need to impress anyone unless we have company over. I got 25 dollars out of it!Someday I hope to be able to do it again without getting paid just to be nice. Now I have to figure out how to get around 40 more dollars by next Wednesday.I don't know how I am going to do it. Not ever having money anymore is starting to stress me out.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012


For Easter this year my Aunt Annie,Uncle Donn, and Aubri are coming to visit. So I will be cleaning my grandma's apartment because that is where they will be staying. Since I need money to go on the Revolve Tour next weekend I asked if there was anything I could do to get extra money. So as I said before I will be cleaning to get money.  Also on Easter Sunday I get the opportunity to showcase my art skills on stage.I have always thought about this but thought it would never happen. A few kids my age will be painting up on stage while some people sing a song. There will be Three painting areas. One will have Jesus's face painted on it. The other two will have his hands. After those have been painted with black paint another person will come across and paint the blood on his hands and forehead. I'm so excited! I get to go practice on Saturday. I hope it will be a success.