Friday, September 30, 2011

Entering the Weekend

so I just got done playing some Techno Kitten Adventure and Left 4 Dead 2 before I go with my friends to help out our new youth group leader move into their new home. I am also going out to a friends house because its her birthday. We will be going out of town tomorrow to a mall. I hope I can find something awesome worth buying. If I go to Hot Topic I bet I could find something. If I do find something I'll take a picture and post it.-Lexus

Monday, September 26, 2011

Sketching For Timmy!

So my Uncle Tim Asked me to draw a picture of a character in Halo. I once drew a Halo character on his wall but when he moved out they painted over it. I am eager to start this drawing even though it will be challenging  so far I have found a picture to go off of I just need to get started hopefully some of it will be done this week. I feel very privileged that he wants a picture. I love drawing for people.-Lexus

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Fear and Suspicion

So I literally just walked into my house and the door was left open and no one is home. The lock was locked but the door was open and I'm a little freaked out. My mom just told me last night that there have been robberies around were I live. I thought I just heard a noise just a minute ago too. I called my mom's cell and left her a message. It really makes me think about how I should probably be prepared for situations like this because it could happen to anyone. I have always had a fear that someone would come into my house and kill my family so that doesn't help the situation at all. I think I'm going to call my mom's t work number now to see what I should do. All I know is that I'm not going upstairs!-Lexus

Monday, September 19, 2011

Ruby Anniversary

So this weekend we had a celebration for my grandparents because it was their anniversary. They have been married for 40 years now. Since they have been married for 40 years the name of the anniversary is the ruby anniversary. My mom spent a lot of time and effort getting things prepared. Everything was beautiful and decked out in yellow and green which was their wedding colors. She also got a bouquet made that looked like my grandmas bouquet on her wedding day for the centerpiece. I made chocolate cups filled with cool whip and raspberries.I also painted a portrait of my grandparents on their wedding day. It was the first time I used water colors and I rarely paint on canvas so it didn't turn out as well as I wanted. It was still pretty good though sometimes I'm a perfectionist so that gets in the way of enjoying my own work. My grandma wanted to cry when she saw it so I know it meant alot.I got to watch The Amazing World of Gumball with my cousins which was fun. I played video games and beat a couple level on a game I just got which was awsome.I also got to youth group with one of my buddies that day too. It was a pretty good Sunday until I had to push myself to do homework at the last minute but it really wasn't that bad.-Lexus

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Zombie Nightmare

Hey guys,
So last night I had a nightmare. I usually have nightmares but the thing is they never really freak me out too much and I usually can't remember any details from the dream. The dream I had last night was different.It's kind of weird because it was like I was in a video game for the first section of the dream and then in real life. I haven't even played any of my zombie games in awhile so I found it kind of funny. It consisted of me and some friends I didn't even recognize. There was a zombie apocalypse so we decided to go into this office that my mom used to clean when I was a child. I was freaked out because my friends kept turning on the lights and attracting the zombies to the office. It was really stressful when I couldn't find a gun that I could shoot properly and then when I did get it to work it was like they were immune to it. Later that night I had another dream where I was looking out my window and a bunch of zombies were in my front yard about to break in and I was freaking out because I didn't want to leave my room to get a knife from the kitchen for the fear that there would be zombies already in my house. I also had another zombie dream earlier in the week I don't remember it very much. All I know now is that zombie dreams stress me out!-Lexus

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Japanese Treats

I was so excited yesterday when I was walking through Wal-Mart with my mom and I happened to find Pocky!Pocky is like a biscuit stick that has a type of flavor coating on them. I personally like the strawberry kind but the others are just as good. I was kind of sad because my favorite bookstore is going out of business and it was the only place I saw Pocky being sold. I also like Hello Panda which would be my 2nd favorite Japanese treat. Hello panda are little round or panda head shaped biscuits that have the strawberry, chocolate, or vanilla filling. Again I like the strawberry the best. They also have an image of a panda playing a type of sport stamped on each biscuit. I used to be able to find it at Hy-Vee but now I stared seeing it at Target. There is one more treat that I have come across that is sold at Hy-Vee which is YanYan. YanYan is another biscuit stick that has weird sayings stamped on them. It will have an animal and a saying next to it for example, "Octopus Lucky Number 8." They usually don't make much sense. YanYan has either a chocolate or vanilla flavoring to dip your sticks in. I don't really like YanYan anymore but I have only had the chocolate kind so maybe I would like the vanilla better.-Lexus

Thursday, September 8, 2011

iPod Dinosaur

Hey guys,
So I had to transfer my iPod to a new computer so I lost most of my music. Now I have been borrowing albums left and right to replace what I have lost. Unfortunately since I love a lot of music I no longer have room on my tiny iPod shuffle. I love my iPod it's very tiny and handy but I think its about time to upgrade. I got my iPod for Christmas 3 years ago and I've wanted a new one for awhile now. I don't really care what kind I get as long as it has a ton of memory space. I also have to consider that I am going to be the one buying it and the fact that I don't have a job doesn't help at all. I think I would have to raise at least $100 or more depending on what I want.I guess I could cash in the change I keep in my TARDIS bank once change goes in there I don't take it out. I have been putting coins in there since April so I should have a pretty good amount. I have wanted to take my change in to be exchanged for paper money for a long time now but we always forget. Maybe I should write a reminder on a post-it. Writing on post-its always seem to work for me. Christmas is also around the corner maybe if I ask again this year for a new one someone will actually buy one for me which would be so awesome!-Lexus

Friday, September 2, 2011

Hello My Name Is....

If I could pick my own name what would it be? I am usally good with coming up with boy names not girl names. Originaly my mom wanted to name me either Alex or Erin.She settle for my first name being Alexis and my middle name being Erin though. I love my middle name so I would never change that but when I get called Lexi sometimes I really wish I had a diffrent name. After searching through lists of names Iv'e come across some that caught my eye. I like Taylor,Parker,Riley,and Kylie. I wouldn't want a name that is really girly just because I don't feel it would fit my persoality. I know that some people use their middle name for their first name and since I love my middle name I would be willing to use it if I ever required a name change. For the longest time I never knew how to spell my middle name beause just never used it for anything. I also spelled my first name with a Z instead of an S. On the brightside I do get some unique nicknames from little kids who can't pronounce anything. My favorite niknames so far have been Sashi and Exalis. I guess it was meant to be.-Lexus