Friday, August 26, 2011

I Feel Like Such A Rebel

So yesterday I spent the night at a friends house because one of our friends from college wanted to hang out before she left. I felt like a rebel because it was a school night and we were doing adventurous activities. At first it just started out with my college buddy and I trying to kill time while we were waiting for our other friend to get off work. So we decided to walk to her house,steal her brothers bike for me to use and go to Dollar General to buy streamers and balloons to decorate her room with. While we were there I saw these window markers and I thought they were awsome so I wanted to get them. My friend then came up with the brilliant idea to go ride our bikes over to the hospital that she works at and then "vandalize" her car. So thats exactly what we did. It was kinda funny because a resident in a wheel chair and another lady were sitting outside watching us. After that we rode over to her house and then put up streamers and balloons all over her room. We wanted to suprise her so we went out onto her roof to watch for her car but instead her dad came home before her so we had to hide on the roof until he went inside. It was hard to be sneaky because you can hear when people are on the roof sometimes and I was wearing a noisy necklace. Luckily we got in with only her brother knowing we were up there. It seemed like forever before she was going to come home so we went down stairs to watch for her decorated car. Eventualy we went to go hide in her room. Unfortunately I ruined the suprise because some random person honked their car at the people down the street so I sat up to look out the window to see and while I was looking out the window she came in behind me and scared me! Later we ate at Subway then we sat at the park in the dark across the street from her house. While we were sitting there a car of 3 guys park and just sit in their car listening and watching us act like nerds. Westarted to get worried though because they tried talking to us and eventualy got out of their car so as soon as we saw that we walked to the other side of the park. We were over there for awhile until someone got hurt and we left. Afterwards we all of a sudden out of the blue got the idea to go take a really super long walk that was from 9:00pm-12:00am. We walked through a bike path surrounded by woods where we took pictures and stargazed. It was away from town a little so you could see the stars super well and i got to see my first shooting star which was awsome. We walked endlessly through neighborhoods and through a cemetary. We would have stayed longer but my friends bladder was about to expode on us. It was super fun and painful but very much worth it. So then my college friend left and at around 1:30am me and my other friend fell asleep while watching Invader Zim. -Lexus


  1. EPIC!!! It was the best night ever!!!

  2. Very fun! I'm glad you blogged about it!

  3. That paint must be really good because it rained and the paint is still there.