Thursday, August 18, 2011

Summer Of 2011

Hi again,
Well my summer is coming to a close so now I guess its time to reminisce on the past 3 months. To start off my summer i got to go to the most amazing camp in the world!My youth group got together to go to RUSH week at Camp Chataqua in Ohio. Its always a moving experience to be around so many kids where you get to sit through services by Aaron Cavin that you can really apply to your life and get to worship with the Heartsong band that leads us. We get to compete in volleyball tournaments,meet new friends,go swimming,get close with the friends we already have,compete in the insane Ninja vs. Pirates games,and get to be right up close and personal with the lead singer of Remedy Drive.Its always a challenge to stay set on fire for God after leaving a whole week of constanly being excited to praise him,listen to his word,and praying to him.This year wasn't as thrilling as my first year in some aspects but I still loved it and its been the highlight of my summer both years Iv'e gone. I've also gotten to help out with Vacation Bible School at my church which was realy nice because I got to connect with people I never really went out of my way to talk to.I got to tak a trip to Chicago to see my cousin compete in a pagent so she could possibly win scholarship money. Unfortunantly we sat there for 3 hours and she was only 2 point away from winning!Towards the end of the summer I got to hang with my friend and her family and we went to see a demolition derby where one of the cars actually caught on fire!I also got my first XBOX360 that I was so excited for!So thats some of my exciting summer experience.I hope next year is even better.

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  1. The car catching on fire was pretty sweet. I will try my hardest to go to Rush Camp next year.