Thursday, September 8, 2011

iPod Dinosaur

Hey guys,
So I had to transfer my iPod to a new computer so I lost most of my music. Now I have been borrowing albums left and right to replace what I have lost. Unfortunately since I love a lot of music I no longer have room on my tiny iPod shuffle. I love my iPod it's very tiny and handy but I think its about time to upgrade. I got my iPod for Christmas 3 years ago and I've wanted a new one for awhile now. I don't really care what kind I get as long as it has a ton of memory space. I also have to consider that I am going to be the one buying it and the fact that I don't have a job doesn't help at all. I think I would have to raise at least $100 or more depending on what I want.I guess I could cash in the change I keep in my TARDIS bank once change goes in there I don't take it out. I have been putting coins in there since April so I should have a pretty good amount. I have wanted to take my change in to be exchanged for paper money for a long time now but we always forget. Maybe I should write a reminder on a post-it. Writing on post-its always seem to work for me. Christmas is also around the corner maybe if I ask again this year for a new one someone will actually buy one for me which would be so awesome!-Lexus

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