Friday, September 2, 2011

Hello My Name Is....

If I could pick my own name what would it be? I am usally good with coming up with boy names not girl names. Originaly my mom wanted to name me either Alex or Erin.She settle for my first name being Alexis and my middle name being Erin though. I love my middle name so I would never change that but when I get called Lexi sometimes I really wish I had a diffrent name. After searching through lists of names Iv'e come across some that caught my eye. I like Taylor,Parker,Riley,and Kylie. I wouldn't want a name that is really girly just because I don't feel it would fit my persoality. I know that some people use their middle name for their first name and since I love my middle name I would be willing to use it if I ever required a name change. For the longest time I never knew how to spell my middle name beause just never used it for anything. I also spelled my first name with a Z instead of an S. On the brightside I do get some unique nicknames from little kids who can't pronounce anything. My favorite niknames so far have been Sashi and Exalis. I guess it was meant to be.-Lexus

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