Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Zombie Nightmare

Hey guys,
So last night I had a nightmare. I usually have nightmares but the thing is they never really freak me out too much and I usually can't remember any details from the dream. The dream I had last night was different.It's kind of weird because it was like I was in a video game for the first section of the dream and then in real life. I haven't even played any of my zombie games in awhile so I found it kind of funny. It consisted of me and some friends I didn't even recognize. There was a zombie apocalypse so we decided to go into this office that my mom used to clean when I was a child. I was freaked out because my friends kept turning on the lights and attracting the zombies to the office. It was really stressful when I couldn't find a gun that I could shoot properly and then when I did get it to work it was like they were immune to it. Later that night I had another dream where I was looking out my window and a bunch of zombies were in my front yard about to break in and I was freaking out because I didn't want to leave my room to get a knife from the kitchen for the fear that there would be zombies already in my house. I also had another zombie dream earlier in the week I don't remember it very much. All I know now is that zombie dreams stress me out!-Lexus

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  1. I never knew that dreams could be so stressfull.