Saturday, October 29, 2011

What Are You?...A Weeping Angel

My church held an event where we have people park their cars and kids go around trick-or-treating at each car. Everyone dresses up in costumes. I dressed up as a Weeping Angel. My friend went with me as the 10th doctor. I painted my face white and attempted to look like a statue as best as I could. I did scare a little kid which was kinda funny.My other friend went as Harry Potter and she won a prize for the best costume!She got a candy bar which was pretty cool. I also got to see my friends new puppy. I would see it in pictures and I didn't think it was that cute but when I got to see it in person it changed my mind. It's a black and white speckled cocker spaniel puppy with the bluest eyes ever. The puppy's name is Izzy.

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