Thursday, November 3, 2011

Feeling The Drainage

So I have been fighting off a cold and that has been really making me tired.Also having schoolwork,the Student Hunger Drive,and other priorities are starting to get to me. Last night in the shower I noticed more hair than usual falling out of my scalp and when that happens I know that I have reached a certain stress out stage. I was surprised that all yesterday I was actually awake and alert until 10:30p.m. came around and I was really exhausted. I'm not allowed to take naps when I come home from school so I have to find something that will occupy my time till I need to start homework. For some odd reason I get really tired after school then after a couple hours it gets better. I have a thing for caffeine but I have been trying to cut back because it is unhealthy and I started to put on weight. For awhile I only drank one pop a week but after awhile I started on my bad habits again and still drink too much. This week has been a fail. I drank quit a bit of soda. I really enjoy energy drinks but I don't drink them like a maniac. I also really like tea and I drink it every morning. Coffee is nice but makes my stomach upset if I haven't eaten anything with it. Maybe the reason I am so tired is because I'm unhealthy.I used to work out before school started but now I don't have time to. I can't wait for Thanksgiving vacation maybe I can catch up on some sleep.

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