Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Prices We Pay For A Good Cup Of Tea

So this morning I wanted a good cup of tea. I drink tea every morning but it sounded extra nice today because I wasn't having the best morning. I always put honey in my tea. My mom bought me a jar of honey so I can't just squeeze it out onto my spoon. I tried to carefully pour some on my spoon and it came out way faster than expected. The honey dripped down my awesome Doctor Who Disappearing TARDIS Mug and got all over the counter. Honey is really hard to clean up when you are trying to rush and you are in a bad mood. Then I ran my hand through my hair to get my bangs out of the way.
, little did I know that there was still some on my hands which always happens to me. The honey got in my hair which meant I had to get my hair wet to clean it out. I usually don't mind getting my hair wet but it took me forever to straighten my hair because I got a strange haircut. I guess I am complaining about nothing but I didn't have anything else to talk about. The rest of my day ended up good which is what I was hoping for. Tomarrow I will try to be more careful with my honey. Who knew it honey could create such a fuss?


  1. You know, you are the first person on blogger that is scarily a lot like me. I absolutely love tea, we both like a lot of the same movies/music, we have many of the same interests, the way you word things is exactly how I think...:D lol maybe this comment sounds weird but I couldn't resist stating how alike we seem to be... :)

  2. Yay!thats awsome im glad you enjoy my ramblings:D