Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Christmas Vacation

These past few days I have been on my Christmas Break.It was really nice to get away from all the stress from school. Most of my break was spent with my mother because she took off from work and wanted to spend time with me.We did a lot of stuff together and even though I love my mom by the time my break was over I wanted to leave my house for a week. I remember as a kid I would spend the night at one of my friends houses and would stay there for a couple nights and it would'nt be long before we would get under each others skin. I think since I'm an only child it's harder to be patient with other people. I'm used to just being accountable for myself and not worrying another person. I think alot of only childeren have selffish tendencies. I also spent some time with my friends which was fun too.I got to see Breaking Dawn pt. 1 for five dollars which was cool. I'm not super into the Twilight series but I think it's good enough to watch. I won't ever read the books though which is fine. I also for some reason kept ending up at the mall and Starbucks. I like the mall but it kinda freaks me out.There is loads of people and alot of them are scary teenagers. There is however some guy that works at Bubble Tea who is kinda crazy and freaks my friends out who I adore. My friends and I thinks he lives at the mall cause he's constantly there.

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  1. I have yet to meet this creepy bubble tea man.