Friday, January 20, 2012

Room Clutter and Other Stuff

So we had a half day of school today due to snow. I like half days because we don't have to make up work but you can go home when you done with all your classes. At least for me all my important classes I have before lunch. Right now I'm making lunch and trying to contemplate what I should do. I am really tired so I may take a nap so I will be awake and somewhat alert for home work later. I also could be doing chores so my mom wont bother me about them when she gets home. At least I am getting some work done by blogging. My room is a pretty big mess. During the week I don't even bother putting my clothes away. They just lay there and get stepped on and moved around until I get the time to put them away. Since I usually wear some clothes more than once a week it's handy just to have on the floor to dig around in. My jewelry and make up is also usually sprawled across both my desks. With a small room like mine any kind of clutter looks pretty bad. I actually like having a clean room.