Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Nothing Interesting

Nothing really interesting has really been happening this week. Although on Monday my triangle pillow came in the mail! I got home from school and walked up the stairs into my kitchen when I saw the box on the counter. At first I was thinking that it was my pillow. Then I thought it was something else because within the time I was waiting for it 3 packages came to the house and none of them were my pillow. I looked at the box and it had the Throwboy label on it so I knew it was mine.I was so happy and excited that I nearly stabbed myself trying to get the box open. I was confused when I opened it because there was two pillows. The Throwboy Team gave me an extra pillow because of the delay. The pillows are super soft because they are made out of fleece. It looks nice being displayed on my bed because there are black triangles on the pillow that match my comforter. In the package there was also a pin. I put it on my school bag along with my other pins. I love pins even though they have a tendency to fall off.

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