Friday, March 9, 2012


So today my school is going to be doing a Serve-a-thon.We will go out to different places and lend our services to raise money for the school. I forgot to sign up for a certain spot so I have no clue what I will be doing today.I am hoping that I will get to go paint with my friend Lexi at the Salvation Army.I have always wanted to paint walls. Once my mom and I painted a room in my aunt's house.I really wanted to help paint the walls but it didn't happen. Instead I painted a table which was fun. For awhile I have been wanting to paint my room. My room is pretty small so the color I want won't go over so well with my guardians.I really want a dark purple. A long time ago my uncle had a girlfriend and her walls were dark purple and for some reason I just loved it.The weird thing is that I still want it after at least 10 years. Well at the end of the serve-a-thon my whole school will be going to Incredible Pizza.I don't really want to go but I don't really have a choice.Maybe it will be fun.

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  1. I origionally was going to drop off my siblings and then high-tail it to my grandpa's house. But if you want some company I can stay.