Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Reading More

For school we have a certain amount of pages to read and if we don't then it of course effect our grade. For awhile I have found it hard to do this. I could never reach the 600 pages needed. I even have interesting books that I read but it still wouldn't motivate me. If I wanted to meet the requirement it would require reading outside of school which is the last thing I wanted to be doing.Now I have been trying to get my prioreties straight and work hard. I found out that if I make myself read more I eventually get used to it and then want to read. It also has been helping me read faster for other subjects. In 2010 I made a New Year's resolution to read more. It started out great and I did read more that year than I have in past year's but I still think I could have done better. Right now I have been looking forward to getting a Mike Dellosso book. It is called Frantic. I'm hopeing to get it for my upcoming birthday. I was reading Darkness Follows when a preveiw of the book was in the back of the book to read and for the first time a book actually scared me.

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