Monday, February 20, 2012

President's Day Off

Today I have no school so as usual I sit at home by myself. It's nice being home by myself.I haven't had a lot of time by myself recently. At this moment I am working on an author project about Henry James. I thought I might take a break and blog for awhile because I have been reading for about 2 hours now and nothing is making sense anymore. I also just discovered that my library card won't let me access the library data basses which is what I need for my project due tomorrow. I have a feeling it will not be getting done on time. I can't wait for this paper to be done with. I'm also starting to wonder if my triangle pillow is ever going to arrive!I has been about 4 weeks since I ordered it. I really hope it comes soon even though it did say it could take 6 weeks I can't help but worry where it is. The other thing on my mind was that my uncle came into my room to get his old Xbox and brought his friend with.It was weird.His friend is awesome but I guess I don't want everyone seeing my inner sanctum plus I was trying to sleep so it made it even stranger.

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