Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Bordeom Screen

Well I can't get any tv channels on my television because the cable company is stupid.My digital signal strength is apparently too low and I may need a weird box thing. So I have been watching Netfix on my Xbox and I have run out of things to watch. Nothing seems to look very interesting. If I do find something I want to watch it's rated R.It's so frustrateing! I never really watch movie because I end up falling asleep during them or I will stay up later than normal finishing it and I will regret it the next day. Usually I rewatch Torchwood,Doctor Who,6Teen,and Fruits Basket. I really like Anime but it's hard to find ones that I can watch that aren't inappropriate. Silly Japanese people I guess can't understand that you don't have to put naughty things into their stories. Actually I think a lot of people don't realize that shows and movies could go without language or sexual content. It really ruins things for me. I want to watch Adventure Time and Regular Show now. I hope things will get fixed soon so I can watch my spazzy cartoons.

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