Monday, April 16, 2012

Golden Birthday

So tomorrow will be my 17th birthday! Since my birthday is on the 17th and I'm turning 17 it is called my "Golden Birthday" which is cool. I got some neat stuff. I got an awesome Doctor Who Poster from my mom. It says,"Things I Learned From Watching Doctor Who." It has things on it like "Don't blink"and"The adipose diet is not a great idea." I also got a neat Huger Games Bag. It's really nice and handy to carry around. I got Xbox Live for three months which is nice to have cause I never know when it's going to run out on me. I got an Adventure Time poster that smells like candy. The last thing I got from my family that I especially like was the metal picture carousel that I asked for. My friend got me a Devil Wears Prada shirt and bracelet that I have been wanting for awhile.She also came to me with a Acid Rain flavored Bubble Tea which was nice. There were things off the internet that I wanted but didn't get so maybe in the future when I ave money I will be able to finally get my hands on some Owl City and LiveLavaLive merchandise.

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