Thursday, April 12, 2012

Sticky Tack and Posters

So I just had a thought about how the sticky tack I use doesn't do a very good job of holding up my posters. I have a ton of posters! I don't like looking at white walls so I try to cover them up as best as I can. There is a problem however when the things you put up keep coming off your walls. A few weeks ago I got really hot and the sticky tack on my walls started to melt. I was peacefully sleeping when all of a sudden Johnny Depp falls on me. Then everything after that starts to fall. Currently I have a huge space on my wall. I took down this huge poster that was really cool yet really irritating cause it wasn't stuck all the way to my wall and it was just in the way. So now I have have to acquire more pictures to fill the empty void on my wall. I want to get pictures of my friends but I never really think about taking pictures. I have been wanting to get the "don't stay in bed"poster. I think that would be a good poster since I wold love to stay in bed all day. Hopefully it would motivate me to get out.

1 comment:

  1. I think you would look at it, roll your eyes and then fall back asleep.