Wednesday, April 18, 2012


So I had my friend say a random word so I could try to test my blogging abilities and just write a whole post about one random word. I think the banana is one of the most hated fruits there is. Other fruits I think would be the grapefruit and prune. I don't even know if a prune is a fruit but I think I'll just go with it anyways. Grapefruits are terrible! I don't understand how people can just pick one up,slice it in half, and eat it. I know putting sugar on it is something you can do to make it taste better. However, I tried this and it did not taste good at all! Why in the world does the grapefruit exist it? Although, I think you make pink lemonade with grapefruits and that tastes good. Also what made people think of naming it the grapefruit? It does not resemble a grape in anyway. Okay, so I actually made a blog out of one word. The word should have been grapefruits.

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